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Trusted Handyman Services

Looking for a handyman in Indianapolis / Metro area? We love to help homeowners with home repair and remodeling projects.


When you look around your home, how many small jobs do you need completed, yet never have the time to do them? Maybe it's that door that has been sticking for a while, a toilet that won't stop running, splintering deck boards, or some rot in the handrail. What about the ding in the drywall caused by the door handle when the wind caught the door?


Our friendly, insured, and bonded artisans show up on time, and are committed to your customer satisfaction. We use the motto "Treat every home as if it's your own."

All of our general contractors and handymen are experienced in home maintenance, installations, and a variety of home improvements. Too many homeowners have been burned by contractors, and we believe that running an ethical company is the most important thing we can do. All Becht Pride Employees are vetted, have passed criminal background checks, and validated by references and experience. 


We aim to provide the best handyman services, and our satisfaction guarantee ensures you will be happy with our work. 



Rob Stevens, Residential Services Manager

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