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Removing a popcorn ceiling

How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling


Popcorn ceilings - they are pretty much out at this point, but we still see them often. If you purchased a home recently and wondered "how do I remove this ugly popcorn ceiling", you've come to the right place.

Do you think you can’t remove a popcorn ceiling by yourself? Oh, save that. It's actually pretty straightforward, and that is precisely what this article is going to talk about.

Get started by collecting all the necessary tools you’ll need to do the job. You'll need to cover the walls with two-to-three-millimeter plastic sheeting, and also six-millimeter plastic sheeting to cover the floor.

You'll also need cloth rags, a dust mask, a putty knife, dishwashing liquid, rosin paper, duct tape and drywall tape, a scraper, protective work clothing, and eye goggles, and a spray bottle.



As soon as you get these materials ready, follow the steps below and save yourself a lot of money.


Prepare the room

popcorn ceiling.jpg

The first thing you need to do after you get your materials ready is to clear all the furniture in the room, after that, you cover the floor and the walls with your plastic drop sheets to make the room less messy and to prevent water from soaking through the canvass and damaging your floors.


Remove lighting fixtures and fans

You may find it very difficult to work around your ceiling fans and the light fixtures, you need to make things easy for yourself by removing them.


Spray the ceiling

Fill your spray bottle and add water (warm water if possible), also some teaspoons of dishwasher liquid and gently spray the ceiling with the mixture in small four-feet-by-six-feet section. Let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes, and this will soften the popcorn ceiling where it will easily be scraped off. 


Scrape the ceiling

Easily scrape the ceiling with your scraping tool, you can do this section by section, this will allow the popcorn substance to scrape off of the ceiling. Note, you need to scrape it carefully so as not to damage the drywall. In a situation where popcorn substance doesn't come off quickly, you can wet the specific area and wait another 15-20 minutes, and try scraping it again. You can use a putty knife to scrape the stubborn and hard places like beam edges and corners ceiling.



Remove the debris

Before you touch the drywall compound, you fold up the drop cloth and plastic sheeting, take them outside and shake it to remove the debris into a garbage bin.


Paint the surface

After removing the debris, the next thing you need to do is to paint the ceiling with paint and roller with an extension attachment.  You can use a colored paint because it dries out white, this will bring a better result.


Hire Becht Pride Residential Services

You might have tried all the above, and if they didn’t work for you, the best alternative is to hire the experts at Becht Pride Residential. Our team can help you remove your popcorn ceiling more professionally, and leave the room sparkling clean, of course. 

In case you decided to remove your popcorn ceiling because there is no asbestos in it, you can start preparing to remove the ceiling yourself.

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